Lentil, sweet potato & coriander stew

At the heart of this winter warmer is a huge helping of nutrient-dense ingredients, heroed by a beautiful blend of aromatic herbs and spices. Guaranteed to keep you feeling full and satisfied all day long.

What you’ll need:

  • 2 tsps organic butter or coconut oil

  • 2 white onions, chopped 8 green finger chillis, sliced

  • 1 scotch bonnet, sliced 6 cloves garlic, finely chopped

  • 30g fresh ginger, finely chopped

  • 600g diced beef

  • 2 tsps garam masala

  • 2 tsps turmeric

  • 1 tsp fenugreek seeds

  • 5 cardamom pods

  • 2 tsps chilli powder

  • 1 tsp sea salt flakes 1 tsp ground black pepper

  • 1/2 pint fresh chicken stock

  • 200g tinned chopped tomatoes


Melt the butter or oil in a large saucepan. Add the onions and sauté gently for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. Add the green chillis, scotch bonnet, ginger and garlic, stir and cook for 2 minutes. Add the beef, spices, salt and pepper, and stir well to coat the beef. Add the tomatoes and stir well. Cook for 1-2 minutes. Add the stock, bring to a boil, then reduce to a simmer. Cover and cook for 2-3 hours (or until beef is tender), stirring every 30 minutes.

Store any leftovers in an airtight container and refrigerate for up to 3 days or freeze on same day.