Why YOU need Group Training

We all remember that first day at school when everything seems daunting and scary.

On returning home after that first day, friends have been made & nerves have been eased.

These friends then form the solid base needed to face the challenges ahead.

Think about the times you discussed certain maths tests you’d faced or that girl or boy you have your eye on.

You were able to lean on your community of friends to advise you and tackle any challenges.

Now take this to training.

We all know people that have started ‘training programs’ or ‘diets’. I use the word ‘started’ because more than 90% of these people have failed.

Here’s the reason why.

When starting a diet or training program your motivation & drive will be high. You’ll jump in head first and give everything to it. For the first few days anyway. As soon as the first few challenges arise such as friends wanting to go on a night out or your stress levels go through the roof at work many will fail.

To make it through these challenging times you need accountability & support of others around you. Having a supportive community of people working towards similar goals allows you to discuss the challenges you face and come up with solutions. You are also able to draw from their motivation when yours is low. When the mornings and cold and wet and all you want to do is roll back over in bed you need that training partner to drag you up.

Here’s what some of our members have to say when asked what the biggest benefit they get from group training is...

‘...the support to push harder. Lift heavier and do that last round!’

‘...that the group training environment ( old / new / potential friends, music, coaches, tough workouts ) not only puts me in the best possible position to have a great day thereafter but still also achieve my goals!’

‘’....the added motivation that a bit of competition or group encouragement gives me to to push myself further; motivation I would not find if training alone.’

‘...the motivation to push my limits’

‘... the atmosphere within the group - it's both fun and focused which ultimately makes for great results’

Take your results to the next level by joining a group of people working towards similar goals. Now this doesn’t have to be our program. Look at your situation. If you are wanting to climb Everest, find others that are working towards something similar. If you are looking to drop weight, find a group of people to support you through your journey.

Coming together is a beginning
Keeping together is a process
Working together is success!!

Lloyd Gordon